Wednesday, February 26

Which builds trust and customary understanding between partners.

The desired change within the Vietnamese context requires new ways of operating in professional networks. In our project plan, we stated that “Education 4.0 is predicated on equal cooperation, dialogue and transparency, which builds trust and customary understanding between partners. The aim is to create a learning ecosystem 4.0 with communities of practice”. supported the experiences of WP 1, we have already got a robust engagement to continue the collaboration.

During managers’ visit in Finland, managers showed tons of support to every other and therefore the spirit for common development was high. They mentioned that mutual collaboration is crucial to maximizing the usage of all the available resources like the library, research facilities and online training materials. Regarding prior knowledge and expertise of Education 4.0, institutions have their own strengths and speciality areas which may be identified and collaboratively utilized afterward within the EMVITET project.

In Vietnam, Education 4.0 is seen as a sensible model that links three key partners: schools, administrator and industry so as to make a responsive environment to market creativity, innovation and productivity during a knowledge society (Vietnam press agency, 2017). A “closed” education could be become an “open” one that encourages a smooth communication among schools, administrators like school managers, and industry partners. The role of upper education is to work as a neighborhood of ecosystems providing flexible learning paths utilizing advanced technology.

Developing learning ecosystem for Education 4.0 means all the stakeholders like students, teachers and industry partners got to rethink their roles and lots of times leave of their traditional “boxes”, out of their comfort zones. In Education 4.0, students are often those who know the simplest and may teach one another.