Wednesday, February 26

Technical tools and academic technology are getting more immersive.

The Finnish and Nordic Media Education believe the media management skills, critical thinking abilities and active participation of the youngsters and youth. Upon this approach different national variations are often built. Metka always tailors its trainings and workshops carefully with its partners consistent with the requirements and goals of the target group.

In Finland digitalisation is supported with a robust and reliable information infrastructure. this is often why online material or solutions are featured in Metka’s teaching materials. Still, tons of media education work is formed with paper and pen, with imagination, sounds or physical presentations. Technical tools and academic technology are getting more immersive within the lifestyle and therefore the classrooms of the youngsters and youth. that’s why Metka will always be one step before the commercial tech and media.

Metka reveals the ecosystems of the new media tools and content. during this way children will manage their precense within the media landscape and be ready to demand for top quality content and technical solutions. they’re going to restore a trusting, curious, inclusive but critical mindset regardless of what the media. this is often the Metka thanks to build our future media. Provide the tools for future professionals and community builders. this is often how we make the youngsters win.