Friday, April 3

Along side the society, governmental bodies.

Metka has its roots in early film and tv education for and works closely along side its member organisations within the field of youngsters and Family policy, like the Mannerheim League of kid Rights (MLL). Recently also researchers of Media Education founded a scientific society that specialize in academic publicity of the sector. along side the society, governmental bodies and Metka’s trusted partners effective advocacy work the notice of media skills has strenghtened in Finland. Metka organises now workshops also made for adults, especially the elderly.

Throughout the decades Metka has always been a robust contributor to the Finnish movie industry by organising two annual events within the field: 1) My Film (Minun Elokuvani) screening of short films made by young enthusiasts combined with encouraging talks with the height professionals of the industry 2) Northern Script Nordic screenwriting contest for young artists and writers from the Nordic countries, ending in masterclass workshops for selected screenwriters from each country.

Our Strategic mission is to be a trusted guide of media skills, information literacy and digital education in practice – both nationally and internationally.