Thursday, December 12

Online rumors circulated that Roma had staged the capture as a message stunt.

In Gregorian calendar month 2017, Roma and 3 others were abducted and tortured by armed men UN agency stormed their studio in Dar atomic number 99 Salaam. the abductors conjointly condemned computers, TVs and studio instrumentality. Roma and also the others were command and questioned over a amount of 3 days while not rationalization, before being discharged.

Online rumors circulated that Roma had staged the capture as a message stunt, that he has adamantly denied each on-line and within the interview with world Voices. “Why would I compose one thing like my very own death? By the grace of God I survived,” Roma aforementioned.

Nearly a year when the ordeal, in March 2018, the Tanzanian Communication Authority obligatory a six-month ban on Roma’s music for his “sexually explicit” song, “Kibamia.” The ban applied to Roma in conjunction with many alternative Bongo Flava artists whose song lyrics “were against Tanzanian social norms and values,” in keeping with The subject, an area daily.

The Arts and data minister conjointly warned Roma to register formally with Tanzania’s arts council, Baraza la Sana la African nation (BASATA), that falls underneath his ministry. whereas the govt. upraised the ban, Roma’s ability to perform live shows is depending on correcting his lyrics and formally registering with the council.

Maria Sarungi Tsehai, AN outspoken activist herself, saluted the activist rapper on Twitter for creating a powerful comeback when an almost biennial hiatus, and for difficult the policies and priorities of the Magufuli’s administration.

Roma conjointly takes a tough look into the deterioration of social services like education and health care, rapping that social staff and academics square measure underpaid and sick patients face hospital fines. “My mommy was a nurse, and by profession, i’m around tons of social staff, therefore i do know what i am talking regarding,” Roma told world Voices. He raps regarding however insurance ought to be additional necessary than investment in Tanzania’s national airline, one amongst Magufuli’s mega-projects.