Thursday, December 12

Developed by Duke’s Learning Innovation and also the workplace of knowledge Technology.

Duke University proclaimed Kits, associate degree ASCII text file, next-generation digital learning atmosphere (NGDLE).

“Relying on any single resolution, together with the LMS, is s a short-sighted technology strategy,” Jolie Tingen, Product Manager at Duke, explained in a piece of writing at Educause Review. “No monolithic system will offer all learning communities with a very optimum expertise. Learning is maximized once applicable technologies area unit utilized in conjunction with evidence-based pedagogies.”

Kits options a card (a “kit”) for each course. Instructors will add apps to their kits, and people apps area unit mechanically shared with everybody in their courses. (See pictures below).

Developed by Duke’s Learning Innovation and also the workplace of knowledge Technology, Kits – currently free as associate degree alpha version – evolved from a home-grown cluster management resolution and it absolutely was developed outside the LMS. “It brings along the centralized student access points of the LMS with the pliability associate degreed power of an app-based system.”

Currently, eight applications area unit enclosed on Kits, and 3 a lot of area unit expected to arrive this year. Learning analytics area unit within the roadmap, too. the mixing was done via LTI commonplace or API. additionally, Kits comes with a “custom link” choice that enables each instructors and students to feature any share-by-link application.

Kits is constructed with Ruby on Rails (Backend Framework), React (Frontend Framework), Grouper (Group Management), Shibboleth (SSO) and LTI.

All of the work is open at, Duke’s public GitHub repository.